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@@ -161,6 +161,8 @@ You can create your own aliases as well. If "`hacoversin`" is too long to type
Simply copy the "DDMathParser" subfolder into your project, `#import "DDMathParser.h"`, and you're good to go. A demo target is included as part of the project. It shows how to evaluate a user-entered string, with support for variables.
+Also, [this question on]( has an excellent write-up on how to include DDMathParser as a submodule in your git repository.
There are several ways to evaluate strings, depending on how much customization you want to do. Most of these options require an `NSError **` parameter, although some do not.
- If you use one of the options that does *not* accept an `NSError **`, then any tokenization, parsing, or evaluation errors will be `NSLog`ged.

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