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Adding DDMathParser to your project

Dave DeLong edited this page · 5 revisions

Simply copy the "DDMathParser" subfolder into your project, #import "DDMathParser.h", and you're good to go. A demo target is included as part of the project. It shows how to evaluate a user-entered string, with support for variables.

Alternatively, you can add DDMathParser as a submodule to your git repository, which will make it very easy to stay on top of the latest changes. This question on has an excellent write-up on how to do that.


Supported OS versions

DDMathParser has been tested using Xcode 5, OS X 10.9, and iOS 7. No effort has been made to maintain backwards compatibility with previous releases of the OS or tools. If it works, yay.

Memory management modes

DDMathParser must be compiled with ARC.

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