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DDMathParser recognizes all common mathematical operators:

Operator Function Description
Standard Operators
+ add addition and unary positive
- or  subtract and negate subtraction and negation
* or × multiply multiplication
/ or ÷ divide division
% mod or percent modulus or a percentage of a value
! factorial factorial
!! factorial2 double factorial
** pow exponentiation
º or ° or  dtor converts the value to radians
sqrt square root
cuberoot cubic root
Bitwise Operators
& and bitwise and
| or bitwise or
^ xor bitwise xor
~ not bitwise not
<< lshift bitwise left shift
>> rshift bitwise right shift
Comparison Operators
== or = l_eq equal
!= or  l_neq not equal
< l_lt less than
> l_gt greater than
<= or =< or  or  l_ltoe less than or equal
>= or => or  or  l_gtoe greater than or equal
Logical Operators
&& or  l_and logical and
|| or  l_or logical or
! or ¬ l_not logical not