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Some demos showing various concepts relating to Objective-C and Cocoa.



  1. An NSMutableArray subclass (DDAutozeroingArray) that maintains auto-zeroing weak references to its items.
  2. An NSMutableArray category that allows you to create a "pure" NSMutableArray that maintains auto-zeroing weak references to its items. This is slightly less efficient than a DDAutozeroingArray.

Both should work on both iOS and Mac OS X, regardless of GC mode.


DDURLBuilder is essentially a mutable NSURL. You can use it to customize the host, path, query, fragment, username, password, etc of an NSURL.


Contains DDDynamicStorageObject, an NSObject subclass that dynamically generates getters and setters for properties declared as @dynamic, and uses an NSMutableDictionary as the backing store.


An NSArray subclass that only loads the objects in the array when something else needs them.


A project showing how to invoke "grandsuper" (super's super). Uses a private method on NSInvocation, so you probably shouldn't use this in a production setting.


A really really really dangerous project that shows how to inject code before, after, and during any method call.

THIS IS A PROOF-OF-CONCEPT ONLY, and should NOT be used in any sort of production setting.

Olympic Rings

A simple project showing simple drawing with CoreGraphics and a simple auto-reversing animation.

Screenshot Detector

A simple project showing how to monitor for screenshots using a persistent NSMetadataQuery.