Ability to pass parameters to migrations #13

Petah opened this Issue Dec 20, 2011 · 2 comments


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Petah commented Dec 20, 2011

If there isn't already (and I missed it) it would be good to be able to pass parameters to migrations.


davedevelopment commented Dec 20, 2011

Hi Petah

There isn't at the minute and it would definitely be good, I think we could make an instance of DialogHelper available to all migrations, so within the migrations people could do

$res = $this->dialog->ask($this->getOutput(), 'What is your favourite colour', 'blue');

Or probably better just to wrap one in phpmig's own method, so they can just do

$res = $this->ask('What is your favourite colour?', 'blue');

What do you think?


davedevelopment commented Oct 31, 2012

You can now prompt for parameters:

$res = $this->ask('What is your favourite colour? ', 'blue');
$sure = $this->confirm('Are you sure? (y/n) ', true);
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