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A Python/Flask application game based on the Countdown TV game show.
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Draft README, unfinished.

Practical Python - Project 3:


To develop an app similar to the Countdown tv show. In particular, the "word-game" aspect of the show. The app will have the following overall functionality:

  • Players can choose up to nine random letters from which to play;
  • or they may have nine randomly generated letters chosen by the app.
  • If player wishes to choose letters, they will choose a vowel or consonant for each of the nine letters.
  • Players enter the largest word (using most amount of nine letters) which they can arrange from the nine letters.
  • The app then displays the largest word it can find from the nine letters to user.

Extra functionality to be considered:

  • App will give a score to the user based on letters used e.g:
    • Each vowel would be worth 20 points and,
    • Each consonant would be worth 10 points.
    • For example, the user has a word with 3 vowels and 4 consonants:
      • Their score would be calculated as follows:
      • (3 x 20) + (4 x 10) = 60 + 40 = 100 points
  • The users name would be taken and their total score would be kept on a scoreboard for other users to see.
  • App should check that username does not already exist and warn user if so.
  • The users generated letters and the word they came up with would be displayed along side their score.


The app will:

  • Use the Flask Python framework.
  • Single page app, must use Flask for routing.
  • Use Bootstrap CSS.
  • Implement basic unit-tests for each piece of functionality.
  • App must use dictionary file to find and compare words.

User stories:

  • As a new user I'd like to see a button/link that would envoke a display modal with the game instructions
  • As a new user when I go to the app I will see a layout allowing me to use the app and its functionality:
  • As a user I'd like to see an area for Generated/inputed letters,
  • As a user I'd like to see an area for Buttons to select: - Vowel or consonant, - Random letters, - Find words/answers, - Clear
  • As a user I'd like to see an area for Visual representation of a keyboard
  • As a user I'd like to see an area for Returned "best word" which has been found
  • As a user I'd like to see an area for List of all words which could be used from Generated/inputed letters.
  • As a new user I'd like to see the Generated word be compared against the words contained in the dictionary file.
  • As a new user I'd like to see the word that uses most of the letters, and is contained in the dictionary file - displayed to me on screen.
  • As a new user I'd like to see all the words which could have been used with the given letters.

Further features:

  • As a new user I'd like to see my username recorded for my game.
  • As a new user I'd like to see my score calculated based on use of vowels and consonants in my play.
  • As a new user I'd like to see my score recorded.
  • As a new user I'd like to see my word and the generated word displayed alongside my game score and username.

Install local:

  1. Goto the directory
$ cd WordResolver
  1. Initialize and activate a virtualenv:
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages env
$ source env/bin/activate
  1. Install the dependencies:
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Run the development server:
$ python
  1. Navigate to http://localhost:5000

  2. Run the Test cases:

$ python
  $ python
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