A small Aspect Oriented Programming JavaScript library
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A small Aspect Oriented Programming JavaScript library

How to install

npm install tiny-aop

How to use

In our search for a simple AOP library in JavaScript we evaluated several solutions and decided to use Fredrik Appelberg's excellent Aop.js. We found that instead of passing JavaScript objects into the namespaces parameter we needed to pass an object prototype in, so all instances of our object's methods were intercepted by the aspect. Only a couple of very minor modifications were needed for this, so credit is entirely due here to Fredrik's library. With his kind permission I have published our modified version of the library.

How to use (assume 'cat' objects with prototype 'makeSound'...):

	var Aop = require("tiny-aop");
	var Cat = function() {
	  this.makeSound = function() {
	Cat.prototype.test = function() {
	var test = new Cat;
	Aop.before("test", function() {
	      console.log('aop-test', arguments);
	}, [ Cat.prototype ]);
	Aop.before("makeSound", function() {
	      console.log('aop-sound', arguments);
	}, [ test ]);
	test.makeSound(2, 56);

License: MIT