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shiftwidth always 4. turn off dumb indenting

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1 parent 672b24e commit add4ab9883d0f0ce2802be55b13cdc72369fb4fc Nick Sullivan committed Sep 30, 2012
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8 .vimrc
@@ -52,12 +52,12 @@ set wildignore=*.pyc
""" spacing, indenting
" Put special characaters in when tabs, leading, or trailing space are found.
set list listchars=tab:\ ,trail:⋅,nbsp:⋅
-set shiftwidth=2
+set shiftwidth=4
set tabstop=4
set softtabstop=4
set expandtab
-set autoindent
-set smartindent
+"set autoindent
+"set smartindent
""" search
set incsearch
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ autocmd BufWritePost *.js !test -f ~/src/jslint/jsl && ~/src/jslint/jsl -conf ~/
"autocmd BufWritePost *.rb !ruby -c <afile>
"autocmd BufWritePost *.pp !puppet --parseonly <afile>
"autocmd BufWritePost *.erb !erb -x -T '-' <afile> | ruby -c
-"autocmd BufWritePost *.py !pyflakes <afile>
+autocmd BufWritePost *.py !pyflakes <afile>
"augroup en

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