Slides from my lightning talk on Dependency Injection at Scala Central #5.
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Approaches to Dependency Injection in Scala
(aka "99 Ways to DI")

Slides for my lightning talk on dependency injection at Scala Central #5.

Copyright 2017 Dave Gurnell. Licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Related Material

The Keynote and PDF contain speaker notes to help explain what I'm talking about. You can also find a video of the talk on the Scala Central Youtube channel. Here are the references from the end of the talk.

DI approaches covered in this talk:

Functional approaches to DI...

The Reader monad...

The Free monad...

99 Ways to DI

I originally gave this talk with the alternative title "99 Ways To DI", a reference to the Megadeth track "99 Ways To Die" (a favorite track of mine in my youth). I included several images of Megadeth lead singer/guitarist Dave Mustaine. I've removed these images in this version of the slides to allow me to distribute the content under a Creative Commons license.