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package tipi.core
trait TransformImplicits {
implicit def stringToId(name: String): Id = Id(name)
implicit def stringAndTransformToIdAndTransform(pair: (String, Transform)): (Id, Transform) = Id(pair._1) -> pair._2
implicit def docToTransform(doc: Doc): Transform = Transform.Constant(doc)
implicit def idAndDocToIdAndTransform(pair: (Id, Doc)): (Id, Transform) = pair._1 -> Transform.Constant(pair._2)
implicit def stringAndDocToIdAndTransform(pair: (String, Doc)): (Id, Transform) = Id(pair._1) -> Transform.Constant(pair._2)
implicit def docFunctionToTransform(func: Function1[Doc, Doc]): Transform = Transform.Simple(func)
implicit def idAndDocFunctionToIdAndTransform(pair: (Id, Function1[Doc, Doc])): (Id, Transform) = pair._1 -> Transform.Simple(pair._2)
implicit def stringAndDocFunctionToIdAndTransform(pair: (String, Function1[Doc, Doc])): (Id, Transform) = Id(pair._1) -> Transform.Simple(pair._2)
implicit def fullFunctionToTransform(func: Function1[(Env, Doc), (Env, Doc)]): Transform = Transform.Full(func)
implicit def idAndFullFunctionToIdAndTransform(pair: (Id, Function1[(Env, Doc), (Env, Doc)])): (Id, Transform) = pair._1 -> Transform.Full(pair._2)
implicit def stringAndFullFunctionToIdAndTransform(pair: (String, Function1[(Env, Doc), (Env, Doc)])): (Id, Transform) = Id(pair._1) -> Transform.Full(pair._2)
trait DocMatchers {
object && {
def unapply[T](in: T) = Some((in, in))
case class Arg(name: Id) {
def unapply(args: List[Argument[_]]): Option[Any] = {
args.find( == name).map(_.value)
trait Implicits extends TransformImplicits with DocMatchers
object Implicits extends Implicits
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