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A plugin for SwiftMailer and Symfony that sets default properties for email Messages
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Swift Mailer Defaults Plugin

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This plugin adds a possibility to set default properties for the sent Messages (default from address, reply to, subject and so on).

// Set up a Mailer
$transport = new Swift_SmtpTransport();
$mailer = new Swift_Mailer($transport);
$mailer->registerPlugin(new Finesse\SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin\SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin([
    'from' => ['' => 'John Doe'],
    'replyTo' => ''

// Use the Mailer many times
    (new Swift_Message())
        ->setTo('', 'Bill Johnson')
        ->setBody('This is awesome, I don\'t need to specify the from address!')

How to install

Using composer

Run in a console

composer require finesse/swiftmailer-defaults-plugin

How to use

Create and register a plugin instance when you setup a Swift_Mailer instance.

use Finesse\SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin\SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin;
use Swift_Mailer;
use Swift_SmtpTransport;

// Setup an emails sending transport
$transport = new Swift_SmtpTransport();

// Create a plugin instance
$defaultsPlugin = new SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin(/* default properties */);

// Assemble them with a mailer
$mailer = new Swift_Mailer($transport);

For Symfony 4 you can register the plugin this way:

    # Swift Mailer plugins
              - { name: swiftmailer.default.plugin }
             John Doe
Symfony 3 example
    # Swift Mailer plugins
        class: Finesse\SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin\SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin
              - { name: swiftmailer.default.plugin }
             John Doe

When you need to send an email, just send it without specifying the parameters you set to the plugin instance.

use Swift_Message;

$message = new Swift_Message();

If you specify, the specified parameters will override the default properties.


You can pass to the constructor all the properties that you can set to a Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage instance using the set... methods. For example:

$defaultsPlugin = new SwiftMailerDefaultsPlugin([
    'from' => '',
    'subject' => 'Notification'

The array keys are the names of the properties that are the Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage methods names without the set word and with the lowercase first letter. For example, the body property corresponds to the setBody method, readReceiptTo to setReadReceiptTo and so on.

The array values are the first and the only arguments for the corresponding methods. Properties with the null value are ignored.


Sets a default value for a property.

$defaultsPlugin->setDefault('sender', '', 'Chasy');

The first argument is the property name (see __constructor for reference). The rest arguments are the corresponding method arguments.


Removes a default value


The only argument is the property name (see __constructor for reference).

Versions compatibility

The project follows the Semantic Versioning.


MIT. See the LICENSE file for details.

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