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Integrating the Ace Editor with GWT
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An integration of the Ace Editor into GWT. If you want to embed a powerful text editor in a GWT application, AceGWT might be just what you're looking for!

The wiki has more information, including:

Also, there is javadoc.

Latest news

20 January 2015:

12 October 2014:

  • Updated to latest version of Ace from here, plus applied a small fix which has been submitted as a push request (code changes in this push request already applied to code in this repository).
  • Added autocomplete tooltip support based on latest updates to Ace Editor (forum, push request 2148).

27 June 2014:

  • Added experimental support for custom autocompleters, based on suggestions from Chris Ainsley.

26 June 2014:

  • Updated to latest version of Ace. A handful of new modes and themes added. Autocomplete is now supported.

18 March 2014:

  • Updated to latest version of Ace. Various new editor modes and themes added. Also, AceGWT now packages the minified versions of the Ace JavaScript files, which should reduce load time.
  • Issues with the text cursor position in Safari may be fixed.

25 June 2013:

  • Updated to latest version of Ace, many new editor modes added.
  • Initialization of AceEditor object has changed: the default constructor has been un-deprecated, and no changes should be made to the .ace_editor CSS class.
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