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AceGWT integrates the Ajax.org Code Editor (ACE) into the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). ACE is a programmer's editor implemented in Javascript for use in web applications.

See the Documentation page for information on how to use AceGWT in your GWT project. You can also browse the API Documentation.

The Screenshots page shows screenshot(s) of the demo application.

The Status page discusses the status of the project (which ACE features are supported, which have not been added yet.) If you enhance AceGWT, send me a pull request!

ACE project website: http://ace.c9.io/

AceGWT is distributed under the MIT license: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php

See the ACE project website for the ACE license terms (MPL/GPL/LGPL).

Explanation of the repository: there are two folders, AceGWT and AceGWTDemo. AceGWT is the ACE integration, and AceGWTDemo is a simple demo application that uses it. Both are Eclipse projects which require GWT 2.2 and the Google Eclipse Plugin.