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What works

Editor instances can be created and added dynamically to the UI. They participate in normal HTML/CSS layout.

Getting the text and setting the text is supported.

Mode and theme can be set.

Text change events can be captured.

Can get current cursor position.

Cursor position change events can be captured.

Tabs (soft vs. hard, tab size) can be configured.

Cursor can be moved to a given line.

Horizontal scrollbar can be always shown or hidden when not needed.

Gutter can be shown or hidden.

Print margin can be shown or hidden.

Annotations (error, information, and warning) can be added to the gutter.

Autocomplete, including support for custom completers. Note that this is experimental and the API could change in the future.

What isn't implemented yet

Selection change events are not supported yet.

The ACE command line is not supported yet.

There is no UIBinder support (?).

Send me a pull request if you implement any of these features!