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FunWithSound is a library intended to make it easy to create music using Processing and Beads. It can also be used from plain Java code.


For Java, you need Java 1.7 or higher.

For Processing, you need Processing 3.0 or higher.


See the Releases page for downloadable releases, including a Processing library.


There is documentation on the wiki.

Also, there is javadoc.

Also, you may find some of the demo programs useful for reference.

Processing demo programs:

Java demo programs:

Technical stuff, compiling from source

The project depends on Gervill4Beads. To run the Java demos, just have both projects checked out in the same Eclipse workspace. You'll need to run the script in the Gervill4Beads directory to download all of the required libraries.

You can build the Java and Processing libraries from the command line by running the script. This script assumes that you have Gervill4Beads checked out next to FunWithSound.

The code is distributed under the Apache License 2.0.


If you are using FunWithSound, or have thoughts about it, send email to David Hovemeyer.