A call generator application that can be used to load test a conference bridge
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drachtio-conf-tester Build Status

A call test generator application, initially developed to load test a conference bridge.

This application requires a drachtio server and a freeswitch server that has either been built using ansible-role-fsmrf, or configured similarly. A docker image for a configured freeswitch server is available here and can be installed by running docker pull drachtio/drachtio-freeswitch-mrf:latest


Create a configuration file at config/local.json (review, copy, and edit config\default.json.example as necessary), then run npm start.


The configuration file contains information about the location of the drachtio and freeswitch servers, as well as call variables that govern the scenario. Those variables are described below:

  "callflow": {
    "did": "+18005551212", //called party number
    "sbc": "",//destination ip addess/DNS
    "calls": {
      "total": 1000,       // stop after 1,000 total calls
      "rate": 15,          // send 15 calls per second
      "limit": 200         // throttle new calls if we reach 200 in progress
    "initial-delay": 2,    // wait 2 secs before first call
    "pin": "1223456",      // enter this pin after connecting
    "pin-entry-delay": 10, // wait 10 secs after connecting before sending pin
    "call-duration": 300   // hang up call after 300 secs