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mozdownload is a python package which handles downloading of Mozilla applications.

Command Line Usage

The mozdownload command will download the application based on the provided command line options.


Download the latest official Firefox release for your platform:

mozdownload --version=latest

Download the latest Firefox Aurora build for Windows (32bit):

mozdownload --type=daily --branch=mozilla-aurora --platform=win32

Download the latest official Thunderbird release for your platform:

mozdownload --application=thunderbird --version=latest

Download the latest Earlybird build for Linux (64bit):

mozdownload --application=thunderbird --type=daily --branch=comm-aurora --platform=linux64

Download this README file:

mozdownload --url=

Download a file from a URL protected with basic authentication:

mozdownload --url= --username=admin --password=password

Run mozdownload --help for detailed information on the command line options.

Command Line Options

  -h, --help              show this help message and exit
                          The name of the application to download, default: "firefox"
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                          Target directory for the download, default: current working
                          Number of the build (for candidate, daily, and tinderbox builds)
  -l LOCALE, --locale=LOCALE
                          Locale of the application, default: "en-US"
  -p PLATFORM, --platform=PLATFORM
                          Platform of the application
                          Type of build to download, default: "release"
  --url=URL               URL to download.
                          Note: Reserved characters (such as &) must be escaped or put in
                          quotes otherwise CLI output may be abnormal.
  -v VERSION, --version=VERSION
                          Version of the application to be used by release and candidate
                          builds, i.e. "3.6"
  --extension=EXTENSION   File extension of the build (e.g. "zip"), default: the standard build
                          extension on the platform.
  --username=USERNAME     Username for basic HTTP authentication.
  --password=PASSWORD     Password for basic HTTP authentication.
                          Number of times the download will be attempted in the event of a
                          failure, default: 3
                          Amount of time (in seconds) to wait between retry attempts,
                          default: 10
  --timeout=TIMEOUT       Amount of time (in seconds) until download times out

  Candidate builds:       Extra options for candidate builds.

  --no-unsigned           Don't allow to download unsigned builds if signed builds are not

  Daily builds:           Extra options for daily builds.

  --branch=BRANCH         Name of the branch, default: "mozilla-central"
  --build-id=BUILD_ID     ID of the build to download
  --date=DATE             Date of the build, default: latest build

  Tinderbox builds:       Extra options for tinderbox builds.

  --debug-build           Download a debug build

Running the tests

To run the tests, run ./