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import os
import xml.dom.minidom
import jenkins
testruns = (
{'type': 'functional'},
{'type': 'update',
'options': ['--no-fallback']},
{'type': 'l10n'},
{'type': 'endurance',
'options': ['--iterations=100', '--entities=10']},
{'type': 'remote'},
{'type': 'addons',
'options': ['--with-untrusted']})
nodes = (
{'labels': ['windows', '2k', 'x32'],
'platforms': ['win32'],
'environment': 'windows'},
{'labels': ['windows', 'xp', 'x32'],
'platforms': ['win32'],
'environment': 'windows'},
{'labels': ['windows', 'vista', 'x32'],
'platforms': ['win32'],
'environment': 'windows'},
{'labels': ['windows', '7', 'x64'],
'platforms': ['win32', 'win64'],
'environment': 'windows'},
{'labels': ['windows', '7', 'x32'],
'platforms': ['win32'],
'environment': 'windows'},
{'labels': ['mac', '10.6', 'x64'],
'platforms': ['mac', 'mac64'],
'environment': 'mac'},
{'labels': ['ubuntu', '11.10', 'x32'],
'platforms': ['linux'],
'environment': 'linux'},
{'labels': ['ubuntu', '11.10', 'x64'],
'platforms': ['linux64'],
'environment': 'linux'})
testrun_command = '%(script)s ./mozmill-automation/testrun_%(type) --port=2424${EXECUTOR_NUMBER} --junit=results.xml --logfile=%(type)s.log --report= %(options)s .'
def main():
j = jenkins.Jenkins('http://localhost:8080')
count = 1
for testrun in testruns:
type = testrun.get('type')
for node in nodes:
labels = node.get('labels')
job_name = '-'.join([type, '-'.join(labels)])
print '%i: %s' % (count, job_name)
count = count + 1
template = open(os.path.join('templates', 'testrun_job.xml'))
platforms = ''.join(['<string>%s</string>' % platform for platform in node.get('platforms')])
command = testrun_command % {
'script': './mozmill-env/',
'type': type,
'options': 'options' in testrun and ' '.join(testrun.get('options')) or ''
build_wrappers = [ ]
run_xvnc = '<hudson.plugins.xvnc.Xvnc><takeScreenshot>false</takeScreenshot></hudson.plugins.xvnc.Xvnc>'
if 'linux' in platforms:
doc = xml.dom.minidom.parseString( % {
'labels': '&amp;&amp;'.join(labels),
'environment': node.get('environment'),
'platforms': platforms,
'testrun_command': command,
'build_wrappers': '<buildWrappers>' + '\n'.join(build_wrappers) + '</buildWrappers>'})
if j.job_exists(job_name):
j.reconfig_job(job_name, doc.toxml())
j.create_job(job_name, doc.toxml())
if __name__ == '__main__':