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Test harness for testing Mozmill. mutt is a python package that contains both JavaScript and python tests for Mozmill and other packages in the mozmill repository .


Running mutt --help will give usage information. In short, running mutt with no arguments or mutt testall will run both the python and JavaScript tests, running mutt testjs will run only the JavaScript tests, and running mutt testpy will run only the python tests.

These arguments correspond to the following manifests:

  • testall : all-tests.ini
  • testpy : pythontests.ini
  • testjs : jstests.ini

About the tests

In general, tests should be good usage examples. Try to write a test that illustrates an issue! While sometimes this is not possible, it is a good aspiration to live by.

The manifests use the manifestparser format.


Run the tests before pushing to master or any branch of mozilla . What is lost in time here is more than made up for vs. hours of regression hunting.

The mutt tests should pass all the time on all platforms of interest! If this is not the case, there is a problem. If a test fails, does it fail without your changes?

In either case, the following actions are advised:

  • if you can, fix the test case. Please. jhammel will personally buy you a beverage of choice

  • hop on #mozmill on irc://irc.mozilla.org/ and mention what you observe

  • mail the mozmill-dev group

  • if the failure is not caused by your changes, file a bug detailing what you're observing

  • if the test cannot be fixed immediately but should not be deprecated (so, the last case resort), remove the test from the appropriate test manifest. Note this in the bug. It is a higher value (at least for now) to have 100% passing tests than to have higher test coverage.