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Change Log


  • Remove credentials support in favour of pytest-variables
  • Add support for BrowserStack
  • Use pytest-html for HTML reports
  • Remove support for Selenium RC


  • Use requests when sending the Sauce Labs result.


  • Support environment variables for Selenium host and port.


  • Only check the base URL from the main process when pytest-xdist is in use.


  • Output request headers when initial test for baseurl fails. Fixes #130


  • Improved handling of Firefox preferences and additional capabilities. Fixes #103 & #104
  • Skip destructive tests on domain by default
  • Use a parameterised test for sensitive URLs
  • Support for Selenium EventListeningWebDriver
  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError in HTML report. Fixes #114
  • Update the Selenium server used in the Travis-CI tests
  • Add simple headless testing support with PhantomJS
  • Load Selenium defaults from environment variables
  • Adding Appium support for Saucelabs
  • Allow overriding the Sauce Labs sharing


  • Open links from the HTML report in a new tab/window. Fixes #100
  • Remove Sauce Labs links and videos for jobs without sessions. Fixes #101


  • Added support for setting a proxy for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera
  • Added support for specifying a Firefox profile
  • Added support for specifying Firefox extensions
  • Added support for pytest-browsermob-proxy
  • Added support for pytest-zap
  • Added sortable HTML reports
  • Provide an option to skip the URL check


  • First stable release
  • Added support for Opera
  • Compatible with pytest-timeout

0.10 (beta)

  • Allow additional capabilities to be specified on the command line

0.9 (beta)

  • Only run nondestructive tests by default
  • Skip destructive tests if running against a sensitive environment

0.8 (beta)

  • Added support for privacy markers
  • Capture final URL on test failures
  • Capture log on test failures if test is marked as public
  • Capture HTML and screenshot only on test failures
  • Improved the debug gathering
  • Timeout value is now expected in seconds
  • Added support for specifying Google Chrome options

0.7 (beta)

  • Added support for specifying Firefox preferences - fixes issue #27

0.6 (beta)

  • By default Sauce Labs jobs are public (restricted) - fixes issue #14
  • Avoid running configuration hook for all slave processes - fixes issues #22 and #23
  • Add test durations to HTML report when running with multiple processes - fixes issue #9

0.5 (beta)

  • Added a build identifier for when running with continuous integration

0.4 (beta)

  • Changed default HTML report to results/index.html
  • Send pass/fail status to Sauce Labs - fixes issue #21
  • Added support for custom tags for Sauce Labs jobs
  • Added support for configuration files
  • Remove test names from Sauce Labs tags - fixes issue #20

0.3 (beta)

  • Added error count to custom report - fixes issue #15
  • Catch exceptions thrown when attempting to capture screenshots - fixes issue #16

0.2 (beta)

  • Added custom HTML reports

0.1 (alpha)

  • Initial release