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OWASP Zed Attack Proxy plugin for py.test
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pytest_zap is a plugin for py.test that provides support for running OWASP Zed Attack Proxy.


  • py.test
  • python-owasp-zap


$ python install


For full usage details run the following command:

$ py.test --help

  --zap-interactive   run zap in interactive mode. (default: False)
  --zap-path=path     location of zap installation.
  --zap-log=path      location of zap log file (default zap.log)
  --zap-home=path     location of zap home directory.
  --zap-config=path   location of zap configuration file. (default: zap.cfg)
  --zap-host=str      host zap is listening on. (default: localhost)
  --zap-port=int      port zap is listening on. (default: 8080)
  --zap-target=url    target url for spider and scan.
  --zap-exclude=str   exclude urls matching this regex when scanning.
  --zap-spider        spider the target. (default: False)
  --zap-scan          scan the target. (default: False)
  --zap-save          save the zap session in zap.session within home directory. (default: False)
  --zap-load=path     location of an archived zap session to open.
  --zap-ignore=path   location of ignored alerts text file. (default: zap_ignore.txt)
  --zap-skip-tests    skip all tests
  --zap-observe       enable observation mode to prevent failing when alerts are found. (default False)
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