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#Selenicopter Pilot

This project is an attempt at playing the HTML5 game Helicopter created by Dale Harvey using the Selenium automation tool. Selenicopter Pilot required a few changes to the Helicopter game, so you will need to clone the Selenicopter repository to get these modifications.

##Playing the game


How to play

From the project's java directory, enter the following command in a command prompt:

ant -Durl=file:///Users/dave/workspace/selenicopter/index.html

If you want to display the HUD (heads up display) then use the run-with-hud ant target:

ant run-with-hud -Durl=file:///Users/dave/workspace/selenicopter/index.html

Replace the URL with the location of your clone of the Selenicopter project.

##Running the tests


  • The tests are written in Python so you will require that to be installed.
  • You will require the Selenium module (at least version 2.0b3). To install using pip: sudo pip install selenium
  • You will need to modify the URL in to match the location of your clone of the Selenicopter project.

###How to run

From the project's python folder, enter the following in a command prompt:

python test_crash

###Known issues

The Python bindings do not currently support WebdriverBackedSelenium or Advanced User Interactions, and therefore holding the mouse button down is not simple. As a result, the testShouldCrashIntoCeiling will currently fail.

##Other resources