A flow control plugin for Selenium IDE
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Selenium IDE: Flow Control

Adds flow control to Selenium IDE.


  • Selenium IDE 1.0.5 or later

To build on Windows you will need 7-Zip and Robocopy:


From AMO:

From source:

  • Run build.bat (or build.sh on Linux).
  • Open flowcontrol.xpi in Firefox.



  • label - target label.
  • gotolabel - unconditional jump.
  • gotoIf - conditional jump.
  • while/endWhile - cycle.
  • addCollection - instantiate a collection.
  • addToCollection - adds a value to the indicated collection (JSON objects are ok).
  • storeFor - retrieves the next available value from your collection and stuffs it into the indicated temporary variable. If there's no value available it jumps to the endFor.
  • endFor - marks the end of the execution block.


See demos folder for examples of all commands.


  • Andrey Yegorov - Created the original flow control extension
  • Darren DeRidder - Modified the original extension for Selenium IDE
  • Adam Goucher - Author of the Selenium IDE plugin API
  • Dave Hunt - Packaged extension as a plugin
  • Martin "Hasan" Bramwell - Added For/Each looping (as seen in Java)