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Uh, so... tinchy

tin·chy adj. smaller than tiny.

Yep, it's a ridiculously simple and compact personal URL shortener that takes fatty URLS and makes them tinchy.

tinchy urls are in the form of http://my-tinchy-domain/abc


Just Python 2.5+ and Bottle. No database needed, tinchy uses shelve (which is included in Python) to persist URLs.

Give it to me in bullets

  • Personal URL shortener.
  • <40 lines of code.
  • Bottle is the only dependancy and it's only one file.
  • No database needed.
  • Good for storing a few thousand personal URLs, if you expect to be storing tens of thousands then look somewhere else. This is not a clone :).
  • Do whatever you want with it.
  • I hope it wont blow up but if it does then sorry :(