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require File.expand_path("../lib/letters/version", __FILE__) do |s|
s.specification_version = 3 if s.respond_to? :specification_version
s.required_rubygems_version = ">= 1.3.6" = "letters"
s.version = Letters::VERSION
s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
s.homepage = "" = "David Jacobs" = ""
s.summary = "A tiny debugging library for Ruby"
s.description = "Letters brings Ruby debugging into the 21st century. It leverages print, the debugger, control transfer, even computer beeps to let you see into your code's state."
s.files = Dir["lib/**/*"] + [
s.test_files = Dir["spec/**/*"]
s.require_path = "lib"
s.add_dependency "activesupport"
s.add_dependency "awesome_print"
s.add_dependency "colorize"
s.add_dependency "xml-simple"
s.add_development_dependency "rspec"
s.add_development_dependency "timecop"
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