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The `o` method takes options, too, so you can add a prefix message to the output or choose another output format -- like [YAML]() or [pretty print]().
+### Available letters
+- `a` (Assert) asserts in the context of its receiver or Letters::AssertionError
+- `b` (Beep) causes your terminal to beep
+- `c` (Callstack) prints the current callstack
+- `d` (Debugger) passes control to the debugger
+- `d1`/`d2` (Diff) prints a diff between first and second receivers
+- `e` (Empty) raises a Letters::EmptyError if its receiver is empty
+- `f` (File) writes its receiver into a file in a given format
+- `j` (Jump) executes its block in the context of its receiver
+- `l` (Logger) logs its receivers on the available logger instance
+- `m` (Taint) taints (or untaints) its receiver
+- `n` (Nil) raises a Letters::NilError if its receiver is nil
+- `o` (stdOut) prints its receiver to standard output
+- `r` (Ri) prints RI documentation of its receiver class
+- `s` (Safety) bumps the safety level (by one or as specified)
+- `t` (Timestamp) prints out the current timestamp

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