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Support Ruby's builtin debugger #7

postmodern opened this Issue Oct 3, 2012 · 4 comments

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I noticed that letters require ruby-debug and calls debugger. You can use Ruby's builtin debugger:

require 'debug'
Emacs support available.


I am a big fan of ruby-debug -- what are the tradeoffs between it and the builtin?


Currently ruby-debug will not compile against MRI 1.9.x, so one has to install the newer debugger gem. Both debugger and the built-in debugger have roughly the same set of commands. The built-in debugger is guaranteed to work on MRI and JRuby; Rubinius has it's own debugger.

Perhaps I should just send you a pull request. :)


The ruby-debug I'm requiring there is from the debugger gem (@cldwalker's fork of ruby-debug), so it will compile against YARV. I would like to add JRuby and Rubinius support, so thanks for your PR. What do we lose by not using ruby-debug?


Nothing apparently? Compare debugger with debug.

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