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Add a summary of available letters in README #9

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It would be nice to add such a summary on the website as well, but its source does not seem to be included in the git repo.

Let me know if you want short abstracts to be changed in any way.


I like it. I can put the site source code online, too, if you think it helps.

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@@ -54,3 +54,20 @@ This is significantly easier than breaking apart the pipeline using variable ass
The `o` method takes options, too, so you can add a prefix message to the output or choose another output format -- like [YAML]() or [pretty print]().
+### Available letters
+- `a` (Assert) asserts in the context of its receiver or Letters::AssertionError
+- `b` (Beep) causes your terminal to beep
+- `c` (Callstack) prints the current callstack
+- `d` (Debugger) passes control to the debugger
+- `d1`/`d2` (Diff) prints a diff between first and second receivers
+- `e` (Empty) raises a Letters::EmptyError if its receiver is empty
+- `f` (File) writes its receiver into a file in a given format
+- `j` (Jump) executes its block in the context of its receiver
+- `l` (Logger) logs its receivers on the available logger instance
+- `m` (Taint) taints (or untaints) its receiver
+- `n` (Nil) raises a Letters::NilError if its receiver is nil
+- `o` (stdOut) prints its receiver to standard output
+- `r` (Ri) prints RI documentation of its receiver class
+- `s` (Safety) bumps the safety level (by one or as specified)
+- `t` (Timestamp) prints out the current timestamp
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