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Adds a 'rake debug' task to Rails to restart Phusion Passenger with a debugger connected

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I wanted to use Phusion Passenger as an Apache module (not standalone) but still be able to use the interactive Ruby debugger.

Thanks to Adam Meehan I was able to do that, and I decided to make it into a reusable Gem.


  • Ruby on Rails 3.0+
  • Ruby 1.9+ (untested on 1.8 but it may work)
  • Ruby Debug / Debugger / Byebug
  • Phusion Passenger


Add this to your Gemfile if you are on Ruby 2.0:

gem "byebug"
gem "ruby-debug-passenger"

Or this if you are on Ruby 1.9:

gem "debugger"
gem "ruby-debug-passenger"

Or this if you are on Ruby 1.8 (but it hasn't been tested!):

gem "ruby-debug"
gem "ruby-debug-passenger"

Then run bundle install to install it.


Add debugger (Ruby 1.9 or lower) or byebug (Ruby 2.0+) anywhere in your Ruby code that you want to invoke the debugger. Or in an ERB template add <% debugger %> or <% byebug %> instead.

Run rake debug to restart Phusion Passenger and connect to the debugger. (You will be prompted to reload the app in your browser.)

Recommended reading



  • Support for byebug gem (David Rodr√≠guez) - #2


  • Support for debugger gem (Kai Middleton) - #1


  • Initial release


MIT License - see LICENSE.txt.

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