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A new Vim plugin to make Vim into a full-blown CFML and CFScript IDE
VimL ColdFusion
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CF Utils for Vim

Current Status

I am no longer developing CFML applications and thus I can't dedicate time anymore to keep CF Utils up to date. I will still merge Pull Requests that improve the plugin but will not be working on new features or fixing issues myself.

IF you are interested in taking over development of CF Utils, please let me know.

CF Utils for Vim was born out of the frustration with trying to write modern CF in Vim. Existing versions of the cf.vim syntax file don't support things like script based CFCs.

With CF Utils, I also wanted to turn give Vim some basic functions found in ColdFusion Builder extensions. Things like the QueryParam Scanner and VarScoper extensions are awesome features and make debugging legacy (or poorly written code) a breeze. In future versions of CF Utils, I also want to add basic RDS support to make general debugging easier in Vim.

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