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@@ -11,15 +11,40 @@ Is this any different from the tabs case?
* DONE plist with key equivalents, etc.
CLOSED: [2012-03-31 Sat 18:25]
-* TODO PBXFilePath
+* TODO Xcode3-style PBXFilePath (etc.)
-* TODO PBXSelection
+Seems like a very flaky approach. Would need to create copy of script
+with expansions in it. Would prevent use of binaries. Environment
+variables would be much safer and hardly less easy to use...
+* DONE Xcode3-style PBXSelection
+ CLOSED: [2012-04-02 Mon 01:37]
* TODO inject junk into env?
* DONE check script symlinks work
CLOSED: [2012-03-31 Sat 18:22]
+* TODO replace -[NSTextView insertText:replacementRange:] with some NSTextStorage thingy or other
+-[NSTextView insertText:replacementRange:] docs:
+"This method is the entry point for inserting text typed by the user
+and is generally not suitable for other purposes. Programmatic
+modification of the text is best done by operating on the text storage
+directly. Because this method pertains to the actions of the user, the
+text view must be editable for the insertion to work."
+* TODO scripts.xml name matching should be case-insensitive
+ match the filing system behaviour.
+* TODO what if you have %%%{PBXSelection}%%% in the text?
+well, currently it disappears if you run a macro on it...
+What did Xcode3 do?
* links

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