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require 'curb'
require 'nokogiri'
module Abject
module DRY
# Why copy & paste answers from stack overflow when you can curl & eval them!
# Expects a url#answer-id and a hash of adjustments to the answer code to gsub over
def fuck_it_just_copy_something_from_stackoverflow(url, adjustments)
# build the adjustment lambda
edit = "lambda { |method_string| method_string"
adjustments.each { |k,v| edit += ".gsub('#{k}', '#{v}')" }
edit += "}"
# then get some of that overflow goodness
answer = url.split('#').last
@doc ||= Nokogiri::HTML Curl.get(url).body_str
@doc.css("#answer-#{answer} code").each do |code|
# Oh yeah, it's lambda time! Eval the edit string, pass it the overflow code
# and eval the resulting lambda
return eval eval(edit).call code.content
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