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# Changes
# Copyright (c) 2009 by David Golden. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").
# You may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# A copy of the License was distributed with this file or you may obtain a
# copy of the License from
Revision history for Capture-Tiny
0.07 Sun Jan 24 00:18:45 EST 2010
- Changed test for $? preservation to be more portable
- Dropped support for Perl 5.8.0 specifically due to excessive bugs.
Tests will bail out. (5.6.X is still supported)
0.06 Thu May 7 06:54:53 EDT 2009
- On Win32, subprocesses now close themselves on EOF instead of being
killed with a signal
0.05_51 Tue Apr 21 07:00:38 EDT 2009
- Support for wide characters on handles opened to utf8
- Support for STDOUT, STDERR or STDIN opened to in-memory
files (open to scalar reference) or tied, albeit with some limitations
- Verify that $? is preserved during capture { system(@cmd) };
0.05 Tue Mar 3 06:56:05 EST 2009
- On Win32, increased a delay waiting for buffers to flush to avoid losing
final output during tee()
0.04 Wed Feb 25 09:25:27 EST 2009
- Can capture/tee even if STDIN, STDOUT or STDERR are closed prior to
capture/tee block
- Generally, added more error handling
- Will timeout instead of hang if subprocesses fail to start
0.03 Fri Feb 20 13:03:08 EST 2009
- capture_merged() and tee_merged()
- Tests skip if not Win32 and no fork() (rather than Build.PL and
Makefile.PL failing); this allows capture() on odd platforms, even if
fork doesn't work
0.02 Tue Feb 17 17:24:35 EST 2009
- Bug recovering output when STDOUT is empty (reported by Vincent Pit)
- Removed to avoid global action-at-a-distance
0.01 Fri Feb 13 23:15:19 EST 2009
- 'capture' and 'tee' functions