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# Prereqs:
These instructions assume you are on a relatively recent
linux system, that you have a working (C) build environment,
that you have ruby and rubygems installed.
# Installation Instructions...
You should have ruby and rubygems installed.
After that install the following gems, via 'gem install gemname'
required gems:
- bunny
- filewatch
- jls-grok >= 0.4.3
- json
- stomp
- stompserver
- uuidtools
For the web interface:
- async_sinatra
- haml
- sass
# For 'jls-grok' you will need grok installed.
Install the following packages (centos: sudo yum install pkgname)
pcre-devel, libevent-devel, gperf
If you are on centos download and install a newer flex:
You'll need grok >= 1.20110308
# On Linux:
Check your /etc/, or /etc/* .
If not already set add /usr/local/lib and run 'ldconfig' as root to update the
library cache list.
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