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Tangram is a non-intrusive Object/Relational Mapper / Persistence Program for Perl.

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README for Tangram 2.10
Tangram is an object-relational mapper. It makes objects persist in
relational databases, and provides powerful facilities for retrieving
and filtering them.  Tangram fully supports object-oriented
programming, including polymorphism, multiple inheritance and
collections.  It does so in an orthogonal fashion, that is, it doesn't
require your classes to implement support functions nor inherit from a
utility class.

Tangram builds upon DBI, so you'll need to install DBI and at least
one DBD driver if that is not done already. You will also need
Set::Object, Scalar::Util, and Data::Lazy 0.6.  These modules are
available from CPAN, though currently Data::Lazy 0.6 has not been
indexed, as the namespace hasn't been handed over - this will probably
need to be installed manually.

If you intend to run the regression tests (recommended), you will also
need to prepare an empty database before starting the installation
procedure, and have Test::More installed.

For more information, see the included POD files and
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