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OpenType version of Don Knuth's Punk font
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The Punk Nova font

This is an OpenType implementation of Donald Knuth's Punk font.

Glyph outlines are coded in Metapost, which is then used to generate the glyphs, 10 variants each, and then FontForge is used to build a font mapping the glyphs through OpenType Randomize ("rand") feature to be selected randomly by OpenType engines that support "rand" feature.

The MetaPost source has the following notice:

This file is a merge of the original punk files by Donald Knuth, who
added this comment:

  Font inspired by Gerard and Marjan Unger's lectures,
  Feb 1985

The regular punk files are part of TeXLive and in metafont format. All
errors introduced are ours. We also changed the encoding to unicode. In
due time we might add a few more more characters. We still need to
improve some of the metrics which involves a bit of trial and error. The
font just covers basic latin shapes but in ConTeXt MkIV we add virtual
composed shapes. There is a module m-punk.tex that implements this. This
derivate is also used in mk.tex (mk.pdf) which is one of our tests for
LuaTeX. We published an article on it in the MAPS (NTG magazine).

2008, Taco Hoekwater & Hans Hagen

Khaled Hosny

16 Apr. 2010

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