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Template and examples of the CSV template that I'm using to transcribe the 1940 census. Maybe others will find this useful.
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1940 Census Sheet, CSV Template

Description: This is a description and example of the CSV template that I'm using to transcribe portions of the 1940 census. I'm using semicolons as separators in the CSV file, and following the form's structure. A goal in using this is to establish a lightweight way of storing this data, which can later be searched and analyzed.

File Contents: The template.csv file includes the headers of each form column, with roughly the same descriptions. The example.csv file includes some sample data that is from a transcription I'm doing.

Future Work: Additional information from census forms, including the S.D. and E.D. numbers are not captured in this format, and I'm open to suggestions on how else to include this metadata. Feel free to fork the repository and/or ping me on Twitter if you have suggestions.

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