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Siddharth Agrawal 7.jpg MIMS 2015 Product Management, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics M
Luis Aguilar luisaguilar.jpg MIMS 2014 Database Management and Design, Data Mining, Electronic Publishing and Privacy M
Divya Anand dsc_6837_4_1.jpg MIMS 2014 Product Management, UX / UI Design, Consumer Behavior F
Pablo Arvizu 0468c42.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Analysis, Visualization, and Predictive Analytics. Human Computer Interaction, UX/UI, and Product Design and Development. M
Ryan Baker ryanbaker.jpg MIMS 2014 analytics and business intelligence in marketing applications. M
Tiffany Barkley tiffanybts.jpg MIMS 2015 Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Management, Consulting F
Sophie Barness sop.jpg MIMS 2014 User Experience and Design, Educational Gaming specifically for children with developmental disabilities F
Katey Basye mims_profile_0.png MIMS 2015 User Experience Design, EdTech F
Ankita Bhosle p6220075-1.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Sciences, User Experience Research and Design, Social Media Revolution, Technology Consulting, Project/Product Management F
Brian Bloomer brian.bloomer.jpg MIMS 2015 Social Networks and Information Exchange, Digital Currencies, Information Privacy & Security, Entrepreneurship M
Renu Bora rb.jpg MIMS 2015 M
Mark Brazinski markbrazinski.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Ashwin Chandak imga0679.jpg MIMS 2015 Consulting, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Information Law & Policy, User Experience M
Fred Chasen fredchasen.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Jung-Wei (Jennifer) Chen jennifer.chen_.jpg MIMS 2015 human-computer interactions, social impact of new media, UX-design F
Richard Chen screen_shot_2013-08-24_at_1.42.27_am.png MIMS 2015 Human-Computer Interaction, UX/UI Design, Web Development and Design M
Shaohan Chen dsc01413_1.jpg MIMS 2014 UI/UX Research and Design, Business Intelligence, Information Visualization, Product Development F
Isha Dandavate isha_headshot1.jpg MIMS 2014 user experience research, data analysis, information law and policy, and leveraging information and technology for social impact. F
Ashley DeSouza ashleydesouza.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Ajeeta Dhole dsc_7252_3.jpg MIMS 2014 Product development, UX design & research, Human-computer interaction. F
Christopher Fan christopher.fan_.jpg MIMS 2015 I want to explore how to use information technology to better enhance workplace collaboration in mid to large organizations. M
Sydney Friedman sydneyfriedman.jpg MIMS 2014 Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience. F
Ayako Fujimoto web2.jpg MIMS 2015 Project Management, Product Development, Big Data, Business Creation F
Colin Gerber colin.gerber.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Analysis, Information Visualization, Information Search and Retrieval, Big Data, Bioinformatics. M
Marjan Ghahremani marjan_cut.jpg MIMS 2015 Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Design, User Experience Research, Behavioral Economics F
Shaun Giudici shaun.giudici.mims_.avatar_0.jpg MIMS 2015 HCI; UI Design for mobile M
Shubham Goel me2.png MIMS 2015 User Experience, Human Computer Interaction, Entrepreneurship M
David Greis davidgreis.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Bharathkumar Gunasekaran bharathkumar.jpeg MIMS 2014 Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Data Mining, Database Management and Design, Product Management M
Max Gutman screen_shot_2012-08-17_at_9.58.19_am.png MIMS 2014 Extracting meaning from data, informatics, data modeling, information management, entrepreneurship, design and product development M
Jacob Hartnell 380618_660965379798_50469964_n.jpg MIMS 2014 The Future of Publishing, Open Source Projects, Digital Annotation, and Science Fiction. M
Janine Heiser 602008_765132401414_1275336234_n.jpeg MIMS 2015 information search and retrieval; data management; information visualization; information policy F
Sandra Yuen Helsley dsc_6706-small.jpg MIMS 2014 User research, UI/UX design, social networks, textile arts F
Meredith Hitchcock img_20130803_160336.jpg MIMS 2015 User Experience Research, UI/UX Design, Digital Books and Magazines F
Kate Hsiao photo_on_8-25-12_at_4.29_pm_0.jpg MIMS 2014 Human-Computer Interaction, UX design, Mobile Computing F
Jiun-Tang Huang 178249_4991044539705_1102442688_o_0.jpeg MIMS 2014 M
Faith Hutchinson faith.hutchinson.jpg MIMS 2015 F
Corey Hyllested placeholder.jpg MIMS 2014 I'm interested in how individuals and organizations use and consume information to reach goals. M
Faye Ip img_1336.jpg MIMS 2015 Data-driven smart systems, new universal payment methods, innovative business models, product management. F
Priya Iyer img_20130729_185652.jpg MIMS 2014 Data Mining, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Decision Support, Information Visualization, ICT for Development F
Lisa Jervis headshot_3.jpg MIMS 2014 Building technology capacity in small community organizations, especially in the areas of information organization, collaboration technologies, and strategic database use. F
Eunkwang Joo img_1607.jpg MIMS 2014 an entrepreneur, and software engineer, specialized on mobile development. M
Derek Kan derekkan.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Divya Karthikeyan dsc_6951_copy.jpg MIMS 2014 F
Aisha Kigongo img_2430.jpg MIMS 2014 F
Eungchan Kim eung_chan_kim.jpg MIMS 2014 User Experience(UX) Design / Information Visualization / User Research M
Julia Kosheleva-Coats juliakoshelevacoats.jpg MIMS 2014 F
Derek Kuo zhao_pian_.jpg_2.png MIMS 2015 Predictive analytics, data learning/modeling, information retrieval, entrepreneurship M
Sophia Lay p1070331_0.jpg MIMS 2015 UX Research, UI Design, Ebook, Product Management F
Jenton Lee jentonlee.jpg MIMS 2014 Topics in User Experience Research, Usability, and Human Computer Interaction, M
Sandra Lee profile_cropped.jpg MIMS 2015 data analysis, information visualization, urban planning, social entrepreneurship F
Deb Linton tempheadshotdl.jpg MIMS 2014 Human-Computer Interaction, UX / UI Design, Information Policy, Mobile, AR, Project Management, Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and Health Technologies F
Kiki Liu _mg_4212_fu_ben_.jpg MIMS 2015 Product Design and Development, Data Analysis F
Jenny Lo jenny.lo_.jpg MIMS 2015 data-driven decision making, technology in developing countries, social impact of new media, social movements and networked politics. F
Irina Lozhkina 2ae5f90.jpg MIMS 2015 F
Colin MacArthur dsc_6657_copy.jpeg MIMS 2014 User experience research, specializing in parks and conservation. M
Ian MacFarland 374405_10153168004500727_2118118702_n.jpg MIMS 2015 Publishing systems, interface usability, design, language M
Ramit Malhotra berk_image3.png MIMS 2015 Big Data, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, Product Management, Information Economics, Consulting, and Use of Information Systems for socio-economic development. M
Xavier Malina 2160b05.jpg MIMS 2015 Analytics, political data mining, information law and policy, data-visualization, tangible electronic art as a data-visualization medium. M
Scott Martin scottmartin.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Chalenge Masekera self.jpg MIMS 2015 ICT4D, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, Information Visualization, Open Data M
Prabhavathi Matta pm1.png MIMS 2014 Data Mining and Analysis, Visualization F
Vanessa McAfee dsc_6781.jpg MIMS 2014 business/product intelligence, data driven decision making, project management F
Andrew McConachie andrew.mcconachie.jpg MIMS 2015 Internet Governance, Technology and Public Policy, Metaphors and Cognitive Linguistics M
Divyakumar Menghani divyakumar.menghani.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Product Management, Statistics, Software Engineering, Consulting M
Timothy Meyers tim-passport-pic-rev2.jpg MIMS 2015 ICTD, Project/Product Management, Entrepreneurship, Software Development M
Noriko Misra noriko.misra_.jpg MIMS 2015 UX/UI Design, Design Thinking, ICTD, Project Management F
Sayantan Mukhopadhyay sayantanmukhopadhyay.jpg MIMS 2014 Information Law and Policy, ICTD, Analytics, Information Economics. M
Brian Murphy brianmurphy.jpg MIMS 2014 Entrepreneurship, Product Development, User Experience M
Peter Nguyen 3004_69757575950_3931140_n.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Jason Ost jason.ost_.jpg MIMS 2015 Information Architecture and Retrieval, Data Science, Visualization, Machine Learning M
Kyung Mi Park dsc_7329.jpg MIMS 2014 User experience research, User interface design, Information visualization, Product Management F
Haroon Rasheed Paul Mohamed haroonrasheedpaulmohamed.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Ignacio Perez ignacioperez.jpg MIMS 2014 Big Data, Management, Mobile, Entrepreneurship, Business Solutions M
Robyn Perry cycles_for_change_pit_stop_200.jpg MIMS 2015 Info management in small organizations, natural language processing, linguistic analysis/retrieval, open source/free/libre tools, the Semantic Web F
Christine Petrozzo 1176334_10101189088394176_633554729_n_0.jpg MIMS 2014 I am interested in web analytics, data mining, text mining, predictive modeling, data visualizations, statistics, and usability research. F
Christina Pham ischool-photo-small.png MIMS 2014 Visual Design, UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Emotional Design, Game Design F
Seema Puthyapurayil seemaputhyapurayil.jpeg MIMS 2014 Human Computer Interaction, Product Management, Internet and Communication Technology for Development F
Ruchita Rathi 263128_2115329159439_4105989_n.jpg MIMS 2015 UX/UI Design | Product Management | ICTD F
Cameron Reed cameron_2013_b.jpg MIMS 2015 Information Visualization, UI Design, Business Management Systems F
A.J. Renold ajrenold.jpg MIMS 2014 Data Mining, ICTD, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Software Engineering M
Molly Robison dirphoto.jpg MIMS 2015 Human-Computer Interaction F
Kate Rushton 2895804.jpg MIMS 2014 UI design, information architecture, front-end web development F
Rohan Salantry rohansalantry.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Masanori Sasaki a_0.jpg MIMS 2014 Information Policy, Information Economics, Cyberlaw, Regulation, Standardization, Project Management, Industry, and Business M
Sonali Sharma sonalisharma.jpg MIMS 2014 I am interested in Data Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data , Information Visualization, Data Modeling. F
Shreyas shreyas.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Sufia Siddiqui 313268_10100548695007658_1969700838_n.jpg MIMS 2015 F
Paul Son paul.son_.jpg MIMS 2015 UX/UI design and research, using technology to improve the learning experience, and HCI M
Becca Stanger becca.stanger.jpg MIMS 2015 F
Victor Starostenko ischool_profile_4.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Lazar Stojkovic 60066_10150286740055641_247210_n.jpg MIMS 2014 Entrepreneurship, product management, business strategy M
Anthony Suen august_2013_profile_pic.jpg MIMS 2015 Big Data Management & Design, Data Visualization, UI Design. M
Raymon Sutedjo-The x.jpeg MIMS 2014 UX/UI design, human-computer interaction, front-end web development, information visualization, city planning, transportation M
Anna Swigart anna.swigart.jpg MIMS 2015 UX Design, Data Science, Technology to facilitate collaborative learning F
Peter Swigert peter.swigert.jpg MIMS 2015 Geographic information systems; spatial analytics; data visualization and communication; logistics M
Suhaib Syed suhaib.syed_.jpg MIMS 2015 M
Dheera Tallapragada img_5581_2.jpg MIMS 2015 Web and mobile application design and development, product engineering, product management, data modeling, banking and financial services F
Dan Tsai 463196_10101729973012023_1549339331_o_copy.jpg MIMS 2015 user experience design and research, human-computer interaction M
Todor Tzolov todor3.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Behavioral Economics, SaaS Product Development M
Matt Valente matthew.valente.jpg MIMS 2015 Information visualization, data mining, product management M
Vaidy Venkitasubramanian tvv.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Rahul Verma placeholder.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Information Visualization, Product/Project management M
Morgan Wallace profile_2-4-2013.jpg MIMS 2014 Lean UX, Analytics, Visualization. M
Charles Wang graduation_2_0.jpg MIMS 2014 Database Management & Design, Information Technology & Policy, Management Consulting M
Andrew Win andrewwin.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Wendy Xue dsc_6684_small.jpg MIMS 2014 Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Product Management F
Kristine Yoshihara kristine.yoshihari.jpg MIMS 2015 Data Mining, Data Analytics, Bioinformatics, HCI, Information Visualization F
Paul Young ischoolprofile.png MIMS 2015 Information systems for health care and research, database management and design, project management. M
Eric Zan ericzan.jpg MIMS 2014 M
Bob Bell bobbell.jpg Ph.D. Student M
Sebastian Benthall sebastianbenthall.jpg Ph.D. Student algorithmic game theory, collective intelligence, economics of data and computation, information ethics, innovation policy, methodology and philosophy of information science, open science and software M
Michael Berger placeholder.jpg Ph.D. Student M
Andy Brooks dsc_0407.jpg Ph.D. Student the role of information technology and data in strategic decision making M
Laura Devendorf devendorf_headshot.jpg Ph.D. Student human-computer interaction, art making, fabrication, and education F
Nick Doty npd-headshot.jpg Ph.D. Student location-based services, privacy & security, privacy-by-design M
R. Stuart Geiger stu-geiger.png Ph.D. Student socio-technical systems, science and technology studies, actor-network theory, distributed cognition, computer-supported cooperative work M
Ishita Ghosh dsc_2321.jpg Ph.D. Student Mobile phones, Financial Inclusion, ICTD F
Elizabeth Goodman placeholder.jpg Ph.D. Student F
Jennifer King jenking_dec2010.jpg Ph.D. Student I specialize in information privacy and policy, privacy in online social networks, ubiquitous computing, and sensor networks (e.g. video surveillance, RFID), and usability and privacy. F
Neha Kumar headshot_2.jpg Ph.D. Student Mobile technology adoption in India F
Seongtaek Lim stlim.jpg Ph.D. Student human-computer interaction, information visualization, and computer-supported cooperative work M
Yiming Liu yiming-professional_0.jpg Ph.D. Student Location-based Services, Info Organization and Retrieval, NLP M
Ashwin Mathew Ashwin_Mathew.jpg Ph.D. Student Information Policy, ICTD, Internet Governance M
Nick Merrill placeholder.jpg Ph.D. Student Human-computer interaction, brain-computer interface, NLP, data security M
Meena Natarajan me3.jpg Ph.D. Student Human-Computer Interaction, Body borne sensors & Wearables, Self surveillance, Development narratives F
Robert On placeholder.jpg Ph.D. Student M
Elisa Oreglia placeholder.jpg Ph.D. Student ICT for development, information organization, ICT in China F
Galen Panger index-19.jpeg Ph.D. Student Public moods, well-being, social media and design M
Elaine Sedenberg placeholder.jpg Ph.D. Student F
Sarah Van Wart dsc_2296.jpg Ph.D. Student HCI, community informatics, location-based services, education F
Rajesh Veeraraghavan Rajesh_Veeraraghavan.jpg Ph.D. Student Information and Socio Economic Development, transparency in government, social theory, development theory, India M
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