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Spaced Repetition

alt text

Built by Nick Coleman and Jamie Davella

Spaced Repetition Demo


Tech Stack

  • React and Redux - Client
  • Node.js/Express - Server
  • MongoDB
  • Passport OAuth and Google Authentication


  • Question Sets are downloaded to the client
    • potentially could be accessed later without internet connectivity
    • Limits calls to server/backend
  • Client calls Server for Question Sets and is responsible for managing the Question Sets
  • Server is responsible for database management/queries and authentication only
  • Design allows
    • multiple level users (eg. Level 1 is beginner, Level 2 is intermediate)
    • multiple question sets with each level

Algorithm - App uses a simplified Spaced Repetition algorithm

  • Right Answer are moved to end of stack
  • Wrong Answers are moved back 3 positions
  • User continues until all are answered correct
  • Then is presented with the next question set

Getting started

Setting up a project

  • Move into your projects directory: cd ~/YOUR_PROJECTS_DIRECTORY
  • Clone this repository: git clone https://github.com/davellaj/flashCardApp YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Move into the project directory: cd YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Install the dependencies: npm install
  • Create a new repo on GitHub: https://github.com/new
    • Make sure the "Initialize this repository with a README" option is left unchecked
  • Update the remote to point to your GitHub repository: git remote set-url origin https://github.com/YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME/YOUR_REPOSITORY_NAME

Working on the project

  • Move into the project directory: cd ~/YOUR_PROJECTS_DIRECTORY/YOUR_PROJECT_NAME
  • Run the development task: npm run dev

Directory layout

├── client            Client-side code
│   ├── assets        Images, videos, etc.
│   ├── js            JavaScript
│   └── scss          SASS stylesheets
├── server            Server-side code
│   ├── models        Images, videos, etc.
│     ├── user        JavaScript
│     └── dictionary  Javascript
└── test              Tests
    ├── client        Client tests
    └── server        Server tests