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Updated to reflect test failures created by the user session model if…

… we generate the model w/o skipping its fixture.
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@@ -14,10 +14,14 @@ Run ```bundle install``` as usual.
# Create an authlogic session
-rails g authlogic:session UserSession
+rails g authlogic:session UserSession --fixture=false
-This creates an empty ```UserSession``` model that derives from ```Authlogic::Session::Base```.
+This creates an empty ```UserSession``` model that derives from ```Authlogic::Session::Base```. We add the
+```--fixture=false``` to prevent the creation of a ```user_sessions.yml``` fixture file. If the file is created, when tests are run, Rails will try to delete the data from a non-exstent user_sessions table, causing test failure.
+Authlogic user sessions *look* like ActiveRecord models, but aren't--they're not backed by a table. They're an AR-like mapping of a user's sessions.
# Create (or update) a user model

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