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PDFs of research articles by Dave Lunt
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Berrieman 2005.pdf
Bik 2010 BMC Evol Biol-1.pdf
Bik 2010 BMC Evol Biol.pdf
Costa 2009 Syst Biodivers.pdf
D'Amato 1999 Mol Ecol.pdf
Derocles 2016 Aphidiinae cryptic species.pdf
Derocles 2018 Climate-warming.pdf
Evans 2016 Merging DNA metabarcoding and ecological network.pdf
Genner 2007 Mol Biol Evol.pdf
Gomez 2002 Ancient cryptic species complexes.pdf
Gomez 2002 Colonization history and gene flow.pdf
Gomez 2007 Bryozoan phylogeography.pdf
Gomez 2007 Mating trials bryozoa.pdf
Gomez 2007 Refugia within refugia.pdf
Gomez 2007 Signatures of colonization.pdf
Hughes 2008 Mol Phylogenet Evol.pdf
Joyce 2005 Nature.pdf
Joyce 2011 Current biology.pdf
Khannoon 2013 Pheromones Acanthodactylus.pdf
Kitson 2018 Nested tagging.pdf
Lunt 1996 Insect Mol Biol.pdf
Lunt 1997 Nature.pdf
Lunt 1998 Heredity.pdf
Lunt 1998 Mol Ecol.pdf
Lunt 1999 Mol Ecol.pdf
Lunt 2005.pdf
Lunt 2008 BMC Evol Biol.pdf
Lunt 2009 Heredity.pdf
Macgregor 2018 Nocturnal pollination networks.pdf
Mills 2007 BMC Evol Biol.pdf
Moss 2011 Genome Biol Evol.pdf
Rock 2007 Heredity.pdf
Rock 2009 Gene.pdf
Szitenberg 2016 Drift and transposable elements.pdf
Szitenberg 2017 Comparative Genomics.pdf


PDFs of research articles by Dave Lunt, University of Hull, UK. The easiest way to download all is the Zip button above. If you can't see this check that the Files tab is selected.

If you wish to browse a pdf, click, GitHub will display it. Then to download just that PDF click on "Raw" at the top of the PDF panel and it should download

My publications are listed at Google Scholar, PubMed, and ORCID and if you think one is missing here, I've just temporarily forgotten, remind me.

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