Command line client examples for the WordPress webcam archive plugin.
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WordPress Webcam Archive Plugin Client

This sample client provides an example of how a webcam image and associated meta information can be sent to a WordPress blog that has the webcam-archive plugin installed.

Python Client

Copy to and modify as necessary.

Usage -f path/to/image.jpg [-d meta_dict] [-v]


  • -f, --file

    The full path to a JPEG image.

  • -d, --data

    Optionally, a pickled Python dictionary or JSON-encoded string of meta key-value pairs. The keys must be defined in the WordPress plugin configuration ahead of time. When you create a meta property, a corresponding unique "short name" reference will be generated automatically. Use these "short names" as the keys in the dictionary that you provide on the command line in the script call.

  • -v, --verbose

    Verbose script output.

Example -f path/to/image.jpg -d '{"temperature": "79", "weather": "Sunny"}'