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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!--the resolution break-points to use (screen widths, in pixels)-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.ResolutionBreakpoints" value="1382, 992, 768, 480"/>
<!--where to store the generated re-sized images. This folder must be writable-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.CachePath" value="ai-cache"/>
<!--the quality of any generated JPGs on a scale of 0 to 100-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.JpegQuality" value="80"/>
<!--check that the responsive image isn't stale (ensures updated source images are re-cached)-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.WatchCache" value="true"/>
<!--How long the BROWSER cache should last in seconds. (604800 - 7 days by default)-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.BrowserCache" value="604800"/>
<!-- If there's no cookie false sends the largest var resolutions version (TRUE sends smallest)-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.MobileFirst" value="true"/>
<!--the name of the cookie containing the resolution value-->
<add key="AdaptiveImages.CookieName" value="resolution"/>
<add name="AdaptiveImageHandlerGif" path="*.gif" verb="GET" type="AdaptiveImages.AdaptiveImageHandler" />
<add name="AdaptiveImageHandlerJpg" path="*.jpg" verb="GET" type="AdaptiveImages.AdaptiveImageHandler" />
<add name="AdaptiveImageHandlerPng" path="*.png" verb="GET" type="AdaptiveImages.AdaptiveImageHandler" />
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