IMS QTI 2.1 assessment delivery engine and Java development library (JQTI+). Supports the MathAssess extensions. Replacement for QTIEngine/JQTI and MathAssessEngine/JQTI. Note that this project has now ended and no further work is currently planned.
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Welcome to QTIWorks

QTIWorks is a software suite for standards-based assessment delivery, supporting a large subset of the IMS QTI 2.1 specification. It contains:

  • QTIWorks Engine: a QTI 2.1 assessment delivery and rendering engine
  • JQTI+: a Java library for reading, writing, modeling and manipulating QTI 2.1 assessment items and tests.
  • MathAssess Extensions: an implementation of the MathAssess QTI extensions for advanced mathematical assessment.

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