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GPIO JNI Driver for Android
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GPIO JNI driver for Android

To use this driver will need a little work from yoru side

In theory, it should work by simply copying the directory structure to your Android app and the include the following:

import com.axoninstruments.gpio.axonI2C;

In you functions use the following to control the GPIO. Eg, these lines of code control the GPIOC24 on the Nano PC T3 Plus

axonI2C gpio = new axonI2C();

gpio.setdirectionGPIO("gpio88", 0);

State = gpio.readGPIO("gpio88");

You will also need to add this to your build.gradle file

externalNativeBuild {
    cmake {
        path "CMakeLists.txt"
        version "3.10.2"

See the code for further details.

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