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The Emotion Media Center

EpyMC is a Media Center application written in python that use the Enlightenemnt Foundation Library as the living base. The software is Open Source and multiplatform, it should work on every platform, as soon as you have installed the EFL and its python bindings. Thus at the moment the target platform is linux as all the delopment and testing is done on it.

Features (for users)

  • Browse and watch your Movies and your TV Shows, with the ability to fetch information (metadata, posters, casts, etc..) from the net, thanks to the complete integration.
  • Browse and listen your music library.
  • Browse and search your favorite online channels (youtube, vimeo, zapiks, traileraddict and more). With the ability to download videos locally.
  • Browse and slideshow your photos library.
  • Manage your mame game collection, with automatic game and snapshots download (thanks to progettoemma).
  • Subtitles (.srt) support for all your videos, including automatic download from
  • Ability to manage screensaver and monitor shutdown.
  • All this can be done comfortably from your couch. You can use your lirc remote, your joystick, your keyboard or your mouse to control every aspect of the application.
  • EpyMC is mainly designed to be used in fullscreen without the mouse, but can be also controlled and used like a normal desktop video player.

Features (for developers)

  • The core has a modular structure, every activity in the media center is a module that can be enabled/disable at runtime.
  • An abstract input event system make the interface controllable by various input device, such as mouse, keyboard, infrared remote controller and joystick. More input device can be supported by just writing a simple module for it. The distribution also ships with an experimental web-based controller, so that you can control the media center from your smart phone.
  • All the application is written in the python language to speedup the development and to make the application highly portable, the same codebase will work (without recompile and friends) on every platform where the efl are supported.
  • Various online sources are used to fetch info for your media.
  • Thanks to the use of the EFL the application can run on different graphic backend, usually the super-fast software engine or the OpenGL/ES engine.
  • Fully translatable, at the moment it comes with English and Italian translation.
  • The UI is fully scalable and the interface scale can be changed from the configuration section, this make EpyMC works well with different screen resolutions.
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