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Beta 3.0.1 Changelog:
- Fixed a bug that would not send parameters to the Reef Angel portal when using USB
- Removed MH Light settings from the Memory Tab
- Removed Unused ATO memory references from the Memory Tab as well as the memory utility.
- Updated the Memory INI file to include the latest memory location (329=Mem_I_SalTempComp) present in the dev libs that would cause a memory tab refresh to fail.

Beta 3.0 Changelog:

- Dev lib 1.x.x support.
- Fixed Celsius/Farenheit radio buttons not getting saved properly.  (Buttons were blank when viewed a second time)
- Memory tab now supports celsius temperatures (20-32 degrees) when Celsius is set as temperature style in Settings.
- Added Date and Time formatting options in Settings->General which can modify chart/grid/home page date/times
- Refresh the ip/port or com/baud values on the settings->general tab after modifying them through the service dash.
- #define wifi verification during install.  
- View defined features from the client when the libraries folder is defined.
- Broke apart PWM and pH groups in Memory Tab
- Grouped together dosing fields to make it more intuitive which ones work together on the controller
- Added seconds (s) labels to timers fields on memory tab.
- While the 2:00 connection countdown timer is active and counting on the status bar, it can be clicked to cancel the countdown and attempt reconnect immediately.
- Added new menu item (Settings -> Memory Utility) to modify any memory location
- Fixed issue where a failed memory refresh would show all controls on screen with blank/0 values
- Added scheduled task that fires a cleanup executable to remove old records from database.  Execution interval and record timespan are user configurable.
- Added a third service (ReefAngelNotifier) to handle sending email/sms notification for temps and pH outside defined threshold.  Also this new service will handle pushing parameters
  to on a 5 minute interval.  No longer does the Client need to be running for these operations to take place.
- Added a notification layer for all three services so the Client can be updated realtime of any issues/jobs the service performed.
- Created a notification panel on the main client screen to handle all incoming service notifications and display to user/allow for deleting.
- IP Camera support (MJPEG)
- Implemented database encryption for locally stored email address/password and Portal Key.
- Portal Integration. (Sync historic params, temp + relay labels both ways).
- Ability to change Listener settings from the client without the use of the ReefAngel Dash board and without restarting services manually.
- A Forum Id is now required to push data to the Portal from the Client (USB Only)
- Fixed bug in the relay profiles form that stopped a user from deleting or creating a new profile after editing one.
- Update Relay box image to correctly show outlet numbers on the settings form.
- Converted application to use the .net 4.0 client profile.
- The enabled temp/pH chart series will be remebered between application shutdown and startup cycles.
- Created a new installer using InstallShield.
- Added a calculator tab for most common Mag/Alk/Cal dosing supplements. 
- Added ability to scan local network for the Reef Angel Wifi Adapter during install.
- Expansion support
  - PWM
  - Salinity
  - Vortech RF for pumps.


ReefAngel Client Suite Installer


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