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Emacs wrapper for the dnote CLI
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dnote.el 🔖 v1.0 Jan 13, 2020



dnote.el is a wrapper for the dnote CLI. The main aim of the package is to provide quick and easy methods of recording information in dnote without needing to leave Emacs.

Available commands are:


Quickly add a note to dnote, prompting for the book and also the note content. This is intended for quick one-liners. If there is a selection in place the content will default to the selection.


Quickly create a note in dnote, using the content of the current buffer as the content of the note.


Add a note to dnote, with the note being written in a new window. Use C-c C-c to save the note.


Opens the dnote web application in your web browser.


Syncs dnote notes with the dnote backend, if you have one configured and have previously logged in with the dnote CLI.

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