experiment: a few test programs for testing some of the haproxy `fd_set` logic
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haproxy tests

This repo has a few test programs for testing some of the haproxy fd_set logic. Most of the haproxy "poller" backends use a bitmask to keep track of which fds are associated for read and write events. The "kqueue" poller and the new event ports poller use an implied array of fd_set structures, but use the existing FD_SET/FD_CLEAR/FD_ISSET macros to access them. (The "epoll" and "poll" backends use similar hand-rolled versions, with few or no macros to help.) This usage of fd_sets is a little shady, but seems to work.

The test programs here include:

  • test-haproxy-math.c: tests the haproxy code for computing the size of the bitmask structure (applicable to the "kqueue" and "select" pollers).
  • test-haproxy-fdsets.c: tests the use of the FD_* macros on an implied array of fd_set objects (applicable to the "kqueue" and "select" pollers).

You can make all (or just make) to build the corresponding programs. "test-haproxy-math" generates two programs: one with the default value of FD_SETSIZE (which is assumed to be 1024), and one with a value of 65536 (which is how haproxy is actually built on SunOS systems). Use make clean to clean up.