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illumos man page viewer
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iman: illumos man page viewer

iman is a tiny script for viewing illumos man pages from OS X. Man pages are fetched from By default, iman uses curl to fetch the page, piping the text to more (or $PAGER). The open command may optionally be used to open the URL in your default browser.

iman [-o] [-s SECTION] NAME

Use iman like man, except that only the "-s" option is supported.

Load the read man page (defaults to section 1: command-line programs):

iman read

Specify section 2 (system calls) instead:

iman -s2 read

Use the "-o" flag to open the page in a browser:

iman -o -s1M dladm

Thanks to Joshua M. Clulow for the man page viewer.

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